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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Good Tom had by Eagles

TAMPA --- In a season where Andy Reid made few correct decisions, one went staggeringly well Sunday in Tampa.
Reid's replacement of Jim Washburn with Tommy Brasher as the Eagles' defensive line coach was critical to a 23-21 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
While the popular spin on the end of the eight-game losing streak naturally and properly will go toward rookie quarterback Nick Foles and his game-winning drive, it would not have been possible without a less-wide-nine defense, a late-game stop and a scoreless Tampa Bay first half.
In that, Brasher was key.
“I don't really want to go there,” Brandon Graham said. “You know, it is more about technique with the new coach. Even though Coach 'Wash' was, too, he was more about getting up field. The new coach is more about stopping the run. That's what we did. That opened up the pass and everybody was hungry to get after them.”
The Eagles were strong on the defensive line, regularly forced Tampa Bay into passing situations, and benefited from the wild arm of quarterback Josh Freeman.
Save a season? Hardly.
Give the Birds one late blast of satisfaction? Yes.
Check out my column on Brasher and the Eagles, my story on Foles and plenty of video from the Eagles' victory in the Daily Times Monday and, as always, on


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