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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reid's last card burned

All through the Eagles' miserably underachieving season, there was, at least, one distant hope: That some day, maybe, Nick Foles could provide a rescue.

Never mind.

Though Foles was not the only reason the Eagles lost, 38-23, to the visiting Cowboys Sunday, he did make two turnovers, each good for a Dallas touchdown. For whatever reason, he was not ready to help the Eagles win when Michael Vick suffered a concussion.

“I made some mistakes,” said the rookie from Arizona. “I can't turn the ball over and that's the most important thing to win games. You can't turn the ball over. I turned it over twice and they ended up being touchdowns. And I can't do that. But that's a learning experience. I'm going to learn from it and get better. We'll get back to work and that's something I've got to get better at.

“Can't have that.”
Foles almost certainly will start next week in Washington. But at 3-6 and stashed in third place in the NFC East, the Eagles' season is about over.
Reid has already changed his defensive coordinator, and now is onto his second quarterback. And that had to be a jolt. For he has to know what's next, doesn't he? He has to know that he is out of buffers between himself and Jeffrey Lurie's ire.
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