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Monday, November 5, 2012

Maybe the Eagles' next players-only meeting will help

NEW ORLEANS --- The Eagles held a team meeting last week, reemerged in the NovaCare Complex and declared themselves whole.

They were a Dream Team again, a dynasty, a gold standard, the team to beat. Oh, wait. That was Jimmy Rollins' line. Never mind.

But they were back, even after surrendering points on their first six possessions against Atlanta.

“Well, I mean, I think things just need to get cleared up,” Brent Celek said, after the much-reported assembly. “Nothing major. I’m not really going to go into specifics about what we talked about, but probably a few things needed to get cleared up and it happened.

“And it was good for our team.”
Right. Good for the team. Great, actually.
That's why the Eagles lost, 28-13, Monday to the Saints to dip to 3-5. That's why they were all but useless in the red zone. That's why Michael Vick was sacked seven times. That's why they have run a losing streak to four, and why they haven't won a football game in 37 days.
But those are the Eagles. The best team, now and always.
Should be a real treat to see how they announce that this week.
By the way: Remember when Dallas Week used to be a big deal?
Check out my column in the Daily Times and as always on Tuesday, along with my story on the ever-ineffective Eagles' offense and some fresh video of Andy Reid doing his postame soft-shoe.


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