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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Monty Williams had every right to his opinion

NEW ORLEANS --- Hornets coach Monty Williams was fined $25,000 for saying that the NBA treats players like 5-year-olds when recovering from concussions, preventing them from playing when otherwise they are physically able.

If anyone had the right to say that, it was the longtime NBA player and former Sixer. That's because Williams was once warned to stop playing basketball altogether ... and instead persevered and became a first-round draft choice.

This, from Sports Illustrated:

Concussions can be dangerous, etc. But the spirit of Williams' message was perfect: If a grown-up wants to go to work and is able to perform the job, then he or she doesn't need protection from other grown-ups. Youth sports, another story, obviously.

Frankly, the NBA can be too protective. Recently, on the threat of severe weather, the Sixers denied media access after a practice ... for the media's protection. Never mind that the players and coaches were able to travel to and from the practice site.

Treated like 5-year-olds, indeed.


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