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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sixers showing growth

NEW ORLEANS --- The Sixers held the New Orleans (formerly Charlotte) Hornets to the fewest points in the the 24-year history of their franchise Wednesday, winning, 77-62.

But it wasn't just the defense that helped the Sixers improve to 2-2. It was the way, Evan Turner said, that they protected the ball.

"We had 14 turnovers in the first half," Turner said. "If not for that, we would have been up by double digits. In the second half, we had one turnover and went up 20. As opposed to the game being early, I guess we made it hard on ourselves and got it over late."

Either way, Doug Collins  was satisfied.

“We made a lot of changes this year,” Collins said. “And a lot of the pieces we were counting on are not there yet. But you have to fight the thought that you want to win games early. What I want to see is growth. Are we making progress? That’s what I want to see."

In particular, Collins noticed improvement from the first half to the second.

"We were just so hesitant and indecisive in the first half on offense," he said. "We were passing up shots to try to throw the pass into an area that there was no place to go. We were so out of sync. We had 14 turnovers in the half. I told our guys that we had a playoff game last year and I think we had five under the greatest pressure we could have. It was carelessness.

"I think guys are growing. I do. The way they are talking to each other and stuff, I see some growth. And it is nice to get a win, I'll tell you that."

The Sixers snapped a two-game losing streak and will play Friday in Boston.

Check out the Daily Times Thursday --- and, as always, --- for complete Sixers-Hornets coverage, including videos from the New Orelans Arena. 


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