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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Feldman back in pro boxing

As long as there has been professional boxing, one rule has endured: Heavy hitters succeed.

For that reason, the press conference Thursday at Anthony's in Drexel Hill had the stand-up-and-notice effect of a strong smelling salt.

In attendance were ring legends Tyrell Biggs, Meldrick Taylor and Calvin Grove, political heavyweight Rep. Bob Brady, D-1, of Philadelphia, and newly re-licensed promoter Damon Feldman.

Known for promoting the Octomom's pillow fights, Jose Canseco boxing in a ballpark and his battles in front of individuals brandishing gavels, Feldman is back ... and so is pro boxing in Delaware County. The first installment of Feldman's Champions of Tomorrow series is set for June 20 at The Deck (formerly The Lagoon) in Essington.

“Me and Damon go a long, long, long way back,” said Biggs, who once fought Mike Tyson for three world title belts in Atlantic City. “Damon let me know that he was involved with the Champions of Tomorrow, and I thought it was a good thing. Boxing is a little low. This will be something that can lift it back up, get it in the spotlight.”

With the violence, ironically enough, will be an effort to halt bullying. Also, a cut of the gate will go to fight autism.

Brady: “How can you not be behind a fight against autism? And a lot of it goes hand-in-hand, because these kids who have autism issues get bullied because they are a little different when they are younger. Unfortunately, kids growing up don't have that sense of respect for other kids. They like to tease back and forth. Some kids tease more than others. So it's hand-in-hand, the autism and the bullying. And bullying is a big, big thing now. This is a great thing. When Damon called me and told me he was doing this, I said, 'Absolutely, I will be a part of it.' He is a friend of mine. His family has been friends of mine for years, and it is really good that they are doing something for two causes that can really use the help.”

Floyd Mayweather ... won't be involved.

But popular area pros --- with popular surnames --- Joey Tiberi and Tim Witherspoon Jr. will fight.

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