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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Phils' pitchers deserve better

The Phillies had three hits Saturday, one rolling in the infield, one in the ninth after they were destined to lose, 5-0, to the Cardinals.

It was the eighth time in nine games that they had gone through at least the first five innings without scoring, and continued a years-long slump that has seen them use four hitting coaches.

When is someone around that organization going to say that it is enough already? When is it going to be declared unacceptable?

"I wish I had an explanation," said John Mayberry, who did rocket a double into left. "It's a streaky game."

Charlie Manuel has changed the lineup. Ryan Howard, who has missed two games with a groin injury, should play Sunday. Carlos Ruiz and Delmon Young have not played.

But, really ... until somebody has the belly to start pointing fingers, naming names, dumping bat racks and generally behaving like Larry Bowa (the player or the manager) the Phillies are going to be destined to waste some great pitching.

Both Cole Hamels and Roy Halladay pitched well in their recent starts. Cliff Lee was ordinary Saturday, but was victimized by questionable defense and no offense.

The Phillies are 7-11 ... and are not really showing that they are bothered.

"Hopefully, we will become more consistent as a team," Mayberry said, "and be able to put up a lot of runs, night in and night out."

Yep ... any year now ...

Check out my column on the wasted pitching, the useless offense and the struggling Phillies in the Daily Times Sunday and, as always, on


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