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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eagles show patience with draft choice

The Eagles hired a college coach, not a pro coach. They gave him a five-year contract, not a short-term one.

Thursday, they used the No. 4 draft to select a player, a "raw" player, instead of bumping down for more players and thus more immediate help.

The word: Rebuilding.

At 4-12, they had no other choice. But by the time they chose Lane Johnson with that No. 4 pick Thursday, it was never more clear that they plan to take a while before returning to contention. Chip Kelly wouldn't even clear out a spot at the top of the depth chart for him.

“He's raw,” Kelly said. “But we look at raw as a positive, not a negative. We felt that his ceiling is probably the highest.”

The pick was good, solid, well-received. Johnson was even Academic All-Big 12, a hint that he might seamlessly grasp the Kelly offense.

But the Eagles have been reaching for the pro-football ceiling since 1960, always coming up short. Johnson, at 6-foot-6, could help them reach it some day. Not just any day soon.

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