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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Berube sensing Flyers momentum

Craig Berube met with the press before the Flyers-Islanders game.

This was the conversation ...

On Peter Luukko returning to the NHL:

“We all really liked him. And he’ll do a great job for them. Good guy, good hockey guy. Good to see him back. He loves hockey.”

Did Flyers survive the time off pretty well, with other  teams having played and not lost much ground?

“Yeah. I guess. It all works out either way. We are going to make games up and play teams that we are going to have to catch. So we’ve got to win those games. Like I said before, it doesn’t really matter; I can’t worry about other teams and neither can our team. We just have to worry about us. That’s what we have to do.”

Four in a row … is there such a thing as momentum? Can you sense it?

“Yeah. There’s confidence. When you’re winning, guys feel good about themselves. They play looser, play faster. I think those things, when you’re winning games, definitely help.”

More jump at practice, etc:

“Yeah. I can only go by right now. I like the fact that we had good jump and good life at practices, good energy. So I think it will translate into tonight’s game.”

Is it crucial to have the same kind of wall play that you had against Winnipeg?

“Yeah, breakouts in general are so important in the game. If you don’t come out with the puck, with possession, it seems like you’re on your heels all game. They just put it back in and you’re back in your own end again. So it’s important. Wall play is very important. Making good breakouts and having the puck coming out of your end with speed is important. That’s where you get a lot of your attacks and your rush chances.”

Evander Kane has been in the news with off-ice stuff. What is your impression of him on the ice?

“He’s a straight-line power forward. That’s the way I view him. Skates well. Physical player. Goes to the net. Shoots the puck well. That’s what he is in my opinion.”

What importance do you put on dress code and getting to meetings on time, etc.?

“Yeah. We all have a dress code. Suit and tie to a game. Travel is coat and shirt. With off days on the road, there are different things and we discuss them, the dress code. But, yeah, it’s all important I think. Discipline is important, whether it is meetings, dress code, all that stuff. Taking care of yourself. All those things. It’s all very important. It’s one of the most important things that comes up.”


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