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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amaro may not let Charlie play injury card

As the trade deadline passed Wednesday and the Phillies were still the same Phillies, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. made one thing clear: Injuries, as much as anything, have yielded a disappointing season.

With that, he did not make any changes.

But if injuries were why the Phillies rolled a 50-56 record into a game with the San Francisco Giants Wednesday, does that mean Charlie Manuel should get a pass, too?

If the only reason the Phillies have been so disappointing is because their MRI operator has contracted tennis elbow, then shouldn't Manuel be absolved? And if so, might that be a consideration at season's end, when Manuel's contract will expire?

"I think honestly, we haven’t been running on all cylinders," Amaro said. "It’s been difficult, difficult for all of us not to have Ben Revere on the field and Ryan Howard and others. There’s disappointment in that and frustration. I think that’s not just Charlie, that’s all of us."

In other words, Amaro didn't really give an answer. He has the right to change managers. And after two disappointing seasons, it could be time.

It's just interesting how an injury card can come in so handy ... until it's time to allow someone else to play one.

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