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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On the Sixers-Celtics gap

The Sixers and Celtics played to a second-round Game 7 in the last playoffs, made some changes, and went in opposite directions.

The Sixers tried Andrew Bynum ... and had no alternative when he spent the season inactive with eight syllables worth of knee miseries.

The Celtics only had Rajon Rondo for 38 games until he was injured ... yet continued to play winning basketball.

A reach, yes.

An observation after the Celtics' 109-101 victory over the Sixers Tuesday? Why not? Especially since Doc Rivers addressed it before the game ... and the Sixers were marveling about it afterward.

"Rondo was a big piece," Royal Ivey said. "But they've got guys --- Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry, Jeff Green ... Avery Bradley coming in for Rondo. They are a good group. They have seasoned guys. They have a lot of veterans and they know how to win. They have been to the pinnacle of basketball. So they lost a soldier, but now they are fighting."

As for the Sixers, they are fighting to remain relevant. They have lost nine of their last 10.

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