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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sixers booed for a reason

Doug Collins said he was never booed as a 76er. For two reasons, that claim is correct.

One: He was never booed because he played on some developing teams.

Two: He was never booed because he played on some great teams.

But Collins never played on a team like he has now --- a collection of uninspired, mid-career average pros. And that team was booed during and after its 98-84 loss to the Orlando Magic Tuesday in the Wells Fargo Center.

“Nobody takes this harder than I do,” Collins said afterward. “Nobody. And when I have coached, I have always been able to find some answers. And I have not been able to find answers. And from my standpoint, that is very disappointing. Because I am paid to do that.” He added, “If everybody looked inside themselves like I do, the world would be a CAT scan."
Maybe a scan, an x-ray or a better anti-gravity contraption can help Andrew Bynum to play. As for Tuesday, the center didn't bother to meet the press for an informal update on that injury that has kept him from everything but bowling since he became a Sixer. Nor did he bother to spend the night sitting on the bench.
Not only is Bynum not helping, in other words, but his clear disinteret in all-things-Sixers has to be becoming a detriment.
The Sixers have lost six in a row.
"We didn't come with any fight at all," Collins said.
That's why the Sixers are treated differently by the fans now than when he played.
Check out my column on the faceless Sixers in the Daily Times Wednesday, and as always, on


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