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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sixers can't wait around for help

On Monday, Andrew Bynum made more noises about a return.

On Tuesday, the Sixers lost, 109-89, to the Brooklyn Nets.


Have they decided that they are not good enough to win without their center? Is that why they have begun to play that way, standing around on defense, particularly in the second half? Is that why they let Reggie Evans snatch 23 rebounds Tuesday ... in just three quarters?

Are they defeated, not just literally, but emotionally --- waiting for that boost from Bynum?

“No,” Doug Collins said. “No, no, no, no, no. Because we've talked about it. I think he is getting excited. I think he wants to play. I think he sees how he can help our team. We all know how he can help our team. We all know what we gave up to get him.

“But I have tried to set the tone from Moment 1 that we can't be doing this. Because then, all of a sudden, you forget what's ahead of you. When you drive a car, you look through the windshield 95 percent of the time. You check your rear-view mirror just occasionally to see what's behind you. If you drive in the rear-view mirror, you've got problems.”
The Sixers will play in Toronto Wednesday, then play 12 of their next 13 at home. They have a chance to resurrect a 15-21 season. They have done so before under Collins.
But they can't do it while waiting for a 7-foot promise that might never be filled.
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