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Monday, February 6, 2012


Not that A.I.

Not in 2001.

Andre Iguodala, in 2012.

Though Kobe Bryant scored 28 points Monday to become the fifth leading scorer in NBA history, he was unable to solve Iguodala's defense down the stretch. Thus, the Sixers won, 95-90, reinforcing their status as real NBA contenders.

It's fascinating that Bryant and Iguodala are two players that too many Philly hoop fans often ridicule. But Iguodala proved Monday why he is a valuable Sixer, a should-be All-Star and a likely member of the next Olympics Dream Team.

“You have to be a strong-willed player to play against Kobe Bryant,” Collins said. “Those kind of players break your spirit. When he is hitting those shots that he was in the first half, you better be a strong-willed player. The easiest thing to do is to get discouraged. I saw it happen. I coached Michael Jordan. He would make incredible shots, then you would see their heads go down.”

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