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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Bill Belichick says the Eagles have more talent than any team his New England Patriots have played this year.

Oh, yeah? Where?

 “They can run the ball," he said. "They can throw it. They have a good offensive line. They can rush the passer. They can stop the run. They can cover. They can return kicks. They can cover kicks. They can block kicks. They are good at all phases of the game. They have outstanding players and a lot of production.”

Well, if you want to use those categories, maybe.

The Eagles are 4-6 and deserve it. But just say that the New England Patriots' coach has not been the first to characterize them as a dream team.

Is he playing mind games? Maybe. Will it work? Maybe not.

Check out my column on Belichick's latest play in the Daily Times Thursday and, as always, on


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