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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So Joe Paterno will coach Penn State Saturday against Nebraska is if nothing of note has happened in the past week.

He will roll into Beaver Stadium and hope that enough of the assembled 104,000 chant his name. And some will. Many will, probably. And for him, that will be enough. It was always enough to be the king of Happy Valley.

Though he did not commit a crime, he did enable Jerry Sandusky to hang around the place for far, far too long. And Sandusky has been accused of some of the sickest crimes of all. For that, he should leave ... and leave at once.

Penn State, its fans, its alumni, its former and current players and the residents of Pennsylvania deserve an immediate clean-up of that program, not healing on Paterno's schedule.  But if nothing else has been proven, it is that Paterno makes the rules around there.

So instead of a football game --- and a big one --- unfolding Saturday, a sideshow will break out. But what does Joe Paterno care. He will coach Penn State in football. To him, nothing else matters.

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