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Monday, May 16, 2011


Have you noticed? The Phillies never score.

And how long has it been going on?

More than a year ... or ever since Mick Billmeyer was caught using binoculars in the bullpen.

Charlie Manuel is finally starting to lose his patience, promising that he will find somebody who can hit. That's Ruben Amaro's job, though, to stock the team.

As for Manuel, he has to appoint a new hitting coach, dramatically re-configure his everyday lineup ... and hope that he doesn't have to pay for a year-long slump that has made the Phillies a truly hideous hittiing team.

That's the cue for everyone to yell that it is just our imagination, that it is all just a result of injuries and that the key Phillies --- their average age about 98 --- will suddenly remember how to hit.

Check out my column on the unhappy anniversary in the Daily Times Tuesday and on


Blogger Bamnjlaw said...

"their average age about 98 " This is Jeff from the Aiport and I called 610 yesterday stating the problems of hitting going back to the days of Pat Burrell at the plate and pushing the tush out, Jason Werth "On bended knees" ref to song by Boys to Men. How did Victorino's one handed slap swing ever not get fixed? Or Ryan Howard too far from the plate and susceptible to the away pitch, and Jim Rollins first swing for the gate mentality and "Noone" in the organization demanding small ball when "logically" needed or fining players for wasting our time and money, and taxes to support them. The team should be 20 games above 500.

Milt Thompson deserve a public apology unless, unless, unless he was part of the binocular gate you mentioned. He should be re hired and Sam Perlozzo replaced or scrutinized for having more players picked out in the first two months then all of last years.

Charlie Manuel is suppose to be the best hitting coach "alive"... then lets see him take charge and by the way, take charge and tell Halladay I'm taking you out of the game bec Halladay and Lee seem to realize the anemic offense long before anyone wanted to give it a "shout out!!"

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May 18, 2011 at 8:39 AM 

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