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Sunday, October 27, 2013

In Giant spot, Kelly had neither quarterback ready

Chip Kelly had an obligation last week to pick a quarterback. But whenever he was asked about it, he ran and ducked and seemed to enjoy keeping his choice a secret.

Finally, he picked Michael Vick, who was not ready to play Sunday ... then grew worse during  a 15-7 loss to the New York Giants.

That meant Matt Barkley did not receive many first-team practice reps. So when he was called on, he wasn't ready, either.

Two free throws, bricked.

Next, the Eagles will visit the Oak

 “Watching him in practice," said Kelly of Vick, "I didn't see any ill-effects, and none of our coaching staff or training staff or doctors saw them. He moved around pretty good, moving in the pocket, running around, doing those things. He said he felt good. Obviously, I listen to him. I am not going to put him out there if he said he didn't feel good.”

Kelly has to stop listening to trainers and players and make the decision himself. Pick the right quarterback, get him ready, and trust him with that revolutionary offense that Eagles fans were promised.

Either that, or continue to sag in a droopy NFC East.

Check out my column on the topic, along with my story on the quarterback crisis, in the Daily Times Monday and, as always, on


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