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Monday, May 21, 2012


BOSTON --- The Sixers are still within two victories of the Final Four and, with the right intensity, breaks and coaching, they could get there.

But if their 101-85 loss in the TD Garden proved one thing Monday, it is that they need a point guard, and they need one immediately.

Two words: Jameer Nelson.

That should be their offseason plan.

For now, they should just try to be more careful with the ball with the point guards (big men, too) that they employ. Monday, they made 15 turnovers.

Good luck winning playoff games that way.

"The Celtics anticipate," Collins said. "Their big guys are very aggressive. And you've got to be very strong with the ball. I don't think we were strong with the ball. We made too many one-handed passes. You can't make one-hand passes against them, because you can't take them back."

Check out my column on the turnover crisis, along with some notes about the Sixers still feeling good about themselves heading into Game 6 and complete Sixers coverage in the Daily Times Tuesday and, as always, on


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