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Jack McCaffery is the lead sports columnist for the Daily Times and He has spent several decades covering everything from the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and Sixers, to college hoops, to high school sports in Delco.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


That was a Lou Williams-Evan Turner backcourt Doug Collins used Sunday to preserve a 110-99 victory over the Denver Nuggets.

Missing: Jrue Holiday.

Though Collins will continue to mix and match his guards, the Williams-Turner backcourt could become more visible as the playoff race thickens.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Phil Martelli made it clear Saturday at the Palestra: If annonymous cyber-attacks on his Saint Joseph's program in any way "scar" his family, then "vengeance will be sweet."

The Hawks now have lost their last eight to Temple, falling, 72-54.

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Friday, January 28, 2011


I will be at the Auto Show Sunday (12 to 3:30) hosting my call-in program on 97.5 FM The Fanatic.

After you purchase a $230,000 sports car, stop by and say hello.

We will be discussing some things that I get --- and some that I don't --- several of which will be in by column Saturday on and in the Daily Times.

Check it out.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Snow on the ground, dead football playoff week, March Madness still not close ...

some baseball talk ...

Why did the Phillies think it was a good idea to not do a single thing to improve their offense after being shut out 12 times in 2010?

And why is no one asking that?

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Monday, January 24, 2011


The boxing presentation Saturday at Harrah's Chester was a winner, although four of the projected stars of the fledgling circuit already are out of the mix.

It was the first pro boxing presentation in Chester since a 1980 card at the West End Y.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Boothwyn heavyweight turned cruiserweight John Poore lost to 4-12-2 Zeferino Albino of Philadelphia Saturday night at Harrah's Chester.

Afterward, Poore (21-5) called it a career. "The end of a long road," he said.

In the main event, lightweight Osnel Charles of Atlantic City won a majority decision over Victor Vasquez of Philadelphia.

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Bootywyn cruiserweight John Poore weighed in at 193 pounds for his fight tonight at Harrah's-Chester against Zeferino Albino.

It is the lightest, by far, that Poore has been as a professional. His previous low was 202 in 2000.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Here is the working early bout sheet for the boxing card tonight (7:30) at Harrah's Chester:

MAIN EVENT, 6 rounds, lightweights: Philadelphia's Victor Vasquez (12-4-1) vs. Osnel Charles (5-2)  of Atlantic City.

PRELIMS, all 4 rounds:

Adrick Butler ( 5-3) of Philadelphia vs. Eric Draper (2-4) of Indianapolis, welterweights
John Poore (21-4) of Boothwyn vs. Zeferano Albino (3-12-2) of Philadelphia, cruiserweights
Dan Grafton (1-0) of Chester vs. Kenyata Bryant (0-2) of New York, heavyweights
Joe Tiberi (2-0) of Newark, Del. vs. Corey White (pro debut) of Cincinnati, lightweights
Stephon Burgette (pro debut) of Scranton vs. Joe Dunn (0-3) of Philadelphia, middleweights
Joey Dawejko (3-0) of Philadelphia vs. Justin Riegel (3-5) of Orville, Ohio, middlweights
Chase Corbin (5-0) of Philadelphia vs. a welterweight opponent to be announced
Kyle White (2-0) of HoHoKus NJ vs. Pete Yates (1-1) of Virginia Beach, super middleweights

The boxing will begin at 7:30. Tickets ($45 to $90) are available.

Look for a story about the card on and in the Daily Times Saturday, and a full recap of the events in the Daily Times Sunday.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Matt Szczur chose professional baseball over an opportunity to play pro football.

In the end, it was the right choice.

The Cubs were offering $1.4 million, and all football was countering with was a spot at the combines, a Senior Bowl roster position and the prospect of being a third-round draft choice.

So the reigning Delaware County Sports Figure of the Year is Cubs property now, and is expected to be their 2014 Opening Day centerfielder.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A nine-fight boxing card will unfold at 7:30 Saturday night at Harrah's Chester. Former Delco heavyweight contender John Poore will be in a featured bout, dropping to cruiserweight for his second professional act.

The promotion team is strong, with Don Elbaum, Joey Eye and David Feldman, along with the promotional ooomph of Harrah's. If successful, a steady stream of Harrah's fight cards should follow.

Tickets are $45 to $90.

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Monday, January 17, 2011


The Sixers defeated the Charlotte Bobcats in overtime Monday, and their 31-year-old, 11th-year veteran was the reason.

Elton Brand played more minutes than anyone in the game, blocked everything in his sight, rebounded in traffic, shot nicely and gave the Sixers steadiness when it mattered.

Not concidentally, talk is bubbling about the Sixers' playoff chances.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Why would Andy Reid say on Monday that, "yeah", defensive coordinator Sean McDermott would be back next season, only to fire him before the week was out?

At best, it is a blatant disregard for the fans and their football interests. At worst, it suggests that he is being told what to do.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Villanova has had some great senior basketball classes, and the one including Corey Fisher, Corey Stokes and Antonio Pena is somewhere high on that list.

But are the Wildcats deep enough to make a national championship push?

The next couple of weeks should tell a lot.

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Friday, January 14, 2011


The NFL players are selfish manipulators. How else to explain why they would resist the commissioner's propsed 18-game schedule.

For that and other things I don't really get, check out the Daily Times Saturday and

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Andre Iguodala returned to the Sixers' lineup Tuesday and provided next to no help in a 111-103 loss to the Indiana Pacers that may prove haunting when the final Eastern Conference playoff spots are determined.

Just the same, Doug Collins insists his team is better with Iguodala involved ... and outlines some intriguing reasons.

"I hope to get him back here for the rest of the year," Collins said.

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Monday, January 10, 2011


I will be a guest of Angelo Cataldi --- who never resists calling it like it is --- this morning on 610 WIP AM, just after 9 a.m.

Tune in as we discuss the Eagles ... and with no holds barred.


Another Eagles postseason, another quarterback ... another failed two-minute drive to extend a season.

A common denominator: The head coach.

Isn't it time for him to be questioned.

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And BTW, yes, I would bring Michael Vick back next season. I will make that counter point to Bob Grotz's pitch for Kevin Kolb in the Daily Times Tuesday.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

HAPPY 50th

That's 50 championship-free football seasons for the Eagles.

Some, though, are more valuable than others. This was one. Unlike the end of the Donovan McNabb era, when everything seemed to be unraveling for them, the Birds can enjoy the offseason knowing that their most important players have yet to reach their prime.

Check out my column on and in the Daily Times Monday!

Also, the Birds lost a five-point game and missed two field goals.

After a strong season, David Akers could do that two-plus-two. I have a story on his postgame reaction on and in the Monday Daily Times. In it, holder Sav Rocca offers at least one reasonable excuse.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


The Eagles are rested and confident, practiced well all week and are convinced they will defeat the Packers Sunday.

Sometimes, such an attitude is bluster. Sometimes, it is real. I think I can tell the difference. This is real.

The pick: Eagles 35, Packers 17. See you in Chicago!


What if Michael Vick has a bad game against the Packers and the Eagles lose in the first round again?

It could be a turning point in franchise history.

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Friday, January 7, 2011


Among the things I don't get is why Mark McGwire cannot get elected to the Hall of Fame but Roberto Alomar can.

Check out my column in the Daily Times Saturday for a variety of topics ... and for a confident pick on the Eagles-Packers game.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chaney's state

Jamar Chaney is ready to be the Eagles' starting middle linebacker Sunday against the Packers, as Stewart Bradley did not practice again Thursday.

Chaney did say that Bradley has been a big help to him. Check out the Eagles scoop on and in the Daily Times Friday!

McCoy ready

LeSean McCoy had just five carries in his only career playoff game --- an Eagles loss last season in Dallas.

He is ready for more work Sunday.

Check out the story on and in the Daily Times Friday!

Check out Fox 29 Sunday

I will be discussing the Eagles-Packers game on the writers' round table portion of the Fox 29 pregame show Sunday. The program starts at 11.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why the secrecy?

Michael Vick doesn't want to compare this Eagles team to the 2004-2005 Falcons team he took to within one win of the Super Bowl.

What's the big secret?

The Eagles of 2010-2011 easily could be in that conversation. Check out my column in the Daily Times Wednesday.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Two-headed monster?

The Eagles exposed Kevin Kolb to the first-string Dallas defense for a reason Sunday ... to prepare him for the postseason. Are they thinking about mixing him into the quarterback loop?

Check out my column in Tuesday's Daily Times.

And BTW --- yes, I think the Eagles can win the Super Bowl. I will make that counter-point to my main man, Bob Grotz ... in the Daily Times Tuesday.

With momentum gone, Eagles face reality

PHILADELPHIA —- The Eagles were about to win their 10th game of the season, and because they could, they would prolong the celebration.

So there was DeSean Jackson in mid-punt-return TD, strutting along the goal line as much for effect as for time-expiring cause. And there was Andy Reid, afterward in the press room, playfully and uncharacteristically begging for difficult questions. And there was Michael Vick continuing to mount such an MVP candidacy that even the President of the United States would be preparing a shout-out.

They were hot. They were miraculous. They were headed places, the Eagles were. So hoot they would, and holler they would, and joke around they would at the microphone. And even if they technically would remain within sportsmanship bounds, they would make their belief clear that they not only had arrived, but were preparing to stick around for a long, long while.

Their season. Their party. Their terms.

Then, the reality. Then, the blizzard, literal and otherwise.

And before they would enjoy one game-day’s worth of joy from that outrageous victory in the Meadowlands, the Eagles were blindsided with:

n A snowstorm so gooey that it caused the postponement of their next game.

n A rescheduled Tuesday night special, at whatever cost to a humming routine.

n A loss to the retreating Minnesota Vikings in a meaningful, signature game —- and with it any chance for a first-round playoff bye.

n A decision by Andy Reid to effectively rest everyone of value Sunday for a game against the Cowboys.

n Another loss, 14-13, with Dallas scoring the winning touchdown with 55 seconds left.

n And an unfortunate break on the scoreboard, as the dangerous Packers won the final NFC wild card playoff berth, at once eliminating the sagging Giants and the overachieving Buccaneers.

There is no wrong way to participate in a postseason. Get in. Then win. Those are the rules. Teams have frolicked in the playoffs after backing into them, storming into them, winning a first-round bye or being forced to play the full four rounds. The Eagles willingly backed into the 2004 tournament by resting their starters for the final two games of the season … then pranced into the Super Bowl.

So the Birds didn’t necessarily do anything over the past week-plus to deliberately rob themselves of a chance to win a championship. But they are required to do one thing now: Resuscitate a momentum that for everything from acts of nature to acts of Stephen McGee has suddenly, dramatically vanished.

“You’re going to have things happen,” Dimitri Patterson said. “You are going to have distractions. You are going to have things that you can’t account for. But that’s just part of everyday life. You just have to be steady and consistent. Things are going to happen. Thing are not always going to go your way. That’s just how it is.

“The main thing is how you are going to respond when things are not going your way.”

The Eagles were due, perhaps, to a certain crash to football earth after rallying from 21 lengths to nose the Giants at the wire. But the recent blizzard was more than that. The loss to Minnesota was as damaging as a Week 16 loss can be, for had the Eagles won and played to win Sunday too, they likely would have had only to win one home game and one road game to reach the Super Bowl. Instead, they must lug the full postseason load, and that will begin with a visit from Green Bay Sunday. Weather permitting, it will be the Eagles’ third game in 13 days.

What Reid did Sunday was understandable. He made certain that his most valuable players would be available for the more valuable games. But the Eagles may forever wonder what would have happened had they not postponed the Minnesota game under the threat of snowflakes, for even if the cause-effect cannot be validated, this remains a fact: Nothing has gone right for them since.

“I’ve done this in the past,” said Reid, of resting his starters. “It gives me a chance to see some of the younger guys. It gives some players a week and a half rest.

“I think it’s the right thing to do for us. Other people do it in other ways, but that’s what I believe in. It gives everybody an opportunity to rest up.”

So the Eagles rested, but so too did their momentum. Now, it is up to them to summon it again, on demand, in a week.

“We look forward to that challenge,” Reid said. “They (the Packers) have a good football team and we have a good football team. It should be a heck of a game.”

It might. But it would be a heck of a game that wouldn’t have had to be played had DeSean Jackson —- and everything else about the Eagles — just kept running.

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